Land Bank Credit Application

Although we require a credit and background check, we make every effort to approve applicants with less than perfect credit. In consideration for a business relationship with Land Bank, LLC, we may make inquires, including but not limited to, your consumer credit history, education, professional licensing, criminal history, driving history, your personal character, work habits, mode of living, residency, general reputation, performance, experience and other qualities pertinent to qualifications. Please complete and sign the following form, authorizing, without reservation, any party, including but not limited to financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, state agencies and private information bureau or repositories, contracted by Land Bank, LLC to furnish any or all of the above listed information. Your authorization releases Land Bank, LLC from any and all liability for damages arising from the investigation and disclosure of the requested information. Further, it releases and discharges all liability from companies, agencies, officials, officers, employees and other persons, who in good faith, provide to Land Bank, LLC the above mentioned information as requested, in order to successfully complete a background investigation. By agreeing to these terms, you are allowing Land Bank, LLC to use a photocopy, fax or electronic copy of this authorization. A copy of this completed notice that a consumer report may be obtained for business purposes will be provided. Please retain it for your records.
  • Please provide the address of the property you are interested in purchasing.
  • MUST INCLUDE FIRST, MIDDLE, & LAST NAME. INCLUDE SUFFIX IF APPLICABLE. Each person to appear on the lease must complete an individual form.
  • Date of birth is being requested only for the purposes of identification in obtaining accurate retrieval of records and it will not be used for discriminatory purposes.
  • If you do not have a driver's license, provide your State Identification Card information.
  • Choose which automatic payment option you prefer. Your payment will be applied to your chosen payment method on the 5th of the month. Credit card payments will incur an additional processing fee.

About Us

At LAND BANK, our goal is to make buying land an easy and pleasant experience. Due to our ability to provide owner-based financing, we can approve applicants with less than perfect credit and provide a customized loan package to fit your special situation. We are commited to maintaining the highest standards in competitive lending, expert financial services and advice. Let us enhance your quality of life and help make your dream of land ownership come true.

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